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Open 24 hours.

Round the clock senior intensivist.

Round the clock registrars, nurses and allied health professionals.

16 bedded ICU, 4 beds in Emergency.

Totally Motorised beds equipped with multichannel physiological montioring system.

Ventilators with latest Ventilator modes and respiratory mechanics analysis facility.

USG and echo housed in ICU for Diagnostic and Theraputic purpose.

All kind of Emergency and Rescucitation work round the clock in Emergency Department.

Intensive care is the specialist care to patients with sudden and potentially reversible life threatening diseases or injuries. This can include following accident, operations, severe infections or coma.

Department of intensive care is located on 3rd floor of Health Point Hospital. We provide intensive care and emergency care of all conditions, except heart surgery. The unit is open 24 hours a day and is staffed by full time consultant, registrars, nurses and allied health professionals. We have 16 beds in ICU and 4 beds in emergency department. All beds are equipped with multi-channel physiological monitoring system allowing close monitoring of patients both from the bedside and central nursing station. The patient beds are totally motorized. Ventilators with latest ventilator modes and respiratory mechanics analysis facilities are available at the bedside. Department has facilities of providing hemodialysis for critically ill patients. Ultrasonography and echocardiography are housed in the ICU and are used routinely for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose. Emergency department has all the facilities to handle all kind of emergency and resuscitation round the clock.